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Our Evergreen Philosophy

Hello, Author believes that books are evergreen – always available for discussion. The authors who so graciously offer us their words have an oeuvre that extends beyond their most current book. For this reason, Hello, Author is not necessarily concerned with only authors who have new books out or even a writer’s latest release.

Our evergreen philosophy means that what we talk about here is likely to be whatever book interested the interviewer, as well as any topical detours beyond literature and the writing life that happen to arise during the course of conversation.

Hello, Author encourages its readers to buy the latest book by the authors here whose work and words interest them. But we also encourage you to look into the books that came before.

Who is behind Hello, Author?

The founder and interviewer Hello, Author is Randal Eldon Greene. He is the author of one short novel and a forthcoming short story collection from corona\samizdat. Greene is the administrator of Facebook’s largest group for Literary Fiction writers. He holds a degree in English and Anthropology from the University of South Dakota. Greene currently resides in western Iowa with his wife and daughter.

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The best way to reach Randal about Hello, Author is by email: helloauthor@substack.com

Instagram: @Hello_Author

Authors & publishers, if you are interested in an interview, please send 1 to 3 books to us at:

Attn: Randal Greene
Hello, Author
PO BOX 3761
Sioux City, IA 51102

  • An alternative mailing address is available upon request if you cannot mail to a PO BOX for some reason. Email: helloauthor@substack.com

  • The kinds of books Randal is currently reading include literary fiction, magical realism, poetry, dramatic plays, and literary criticism. You can always email a query first with a book blurb or synopsis if you are unsure about the suitability of your book for an interview.

  • Please provide a note with contact information inside the book(s). If this is not possible to do, please email a message with your contact info and the title of the book(s) you have sent. The author’s email is required since all interviews are conducted through electronic mail.

  • Only physical books will be accepted. No ebooks, PDFs, or other electronic books please. Bound ARCs or galley copies are accepted and encouraged.


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